MeBots- a previous blog, but a favorite

Why is Humanity turning into a bunch of MeBots?



Why oh why does humanity always find a new path away from happiness. In the book you will find when, where, how, and why humanity has always found time for tripping up themselves and one another, but now, the dreaded MeBots? Really?

You may read in the paper or see on the news instances that make you think to yourselves, really? Some instances are glaringly obvious, but there seem to be a constant in all, self-centeredness, or selfishness. Although this is nothing new it has never been the accepted way of life, never the textbook version of “How to run a business”, or even the very familiar “America’s Secret Formula for Governing, Locally, Nationally, and Abroad”. So why now?

Is it that corporations are people, and does that mean my microwave is my chef? The corporate method of management is , well, management. Corporations have been seeking out and nurturing managers at a dizzying pace. Unfortunately, since the end of the second World War leader’s and the desire of leadership and true innovation has been on a steady decline. We covet the manager who does things right, but discard the Leaders who do the right things. Surprisingly to the obtuse, such as my microwave or a corporation, people are doing the right thing less, and less. Hmmmm, does this inspire you to comment?


2 thoughts on “MeBots- a previous blog, but a favorite

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  2. Is it not just a result of affluence? The more you’ve got, the more you want? The great American Way of Life seeping into other, formerly not so affluent societies? In countries that have resisted the attractions of the consumer society or are too poor to be accepted into it, you find that humanity still exists as an accepted way of behaving.

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