Tales of Moonlight Romance: A Collection of Paranormal Love Stories


Paranormal Romance-Fiction

This collection of short stories moves faster, but is captivating and satisfying.

LaRae’s contribution to this novel “Love at Tadpole Square”

Tadpole Square, a Witch and Warlock owned underground establishment, has a mission. Because of their love for good music, they use their black magic to launch careers of talented human singers or rid the world of bad ones. To them, the only worthy human is one who can sing well. Marzee, especially, detested humans and took great joy in destroying those that hurt her ears with their bad music, ridding the world of them forever. That is until the day the most attractive human man with the worst singing voice she’d ever heard enters their bar. Now it was her duty to destroy this human, but for some reason Marzee could not force herself to do so. What was it about this human and his horrible voice that attracted her? Witches and warlocks never fell in love with humans; it was forbidden. She vowed to discover the secret he held over her even while she played a dangerous game trying to keep him hidden from her fellow witches and warlocks that would destroy him…and her, if they found out she had not done her duty. The Amazon reader is provided below to give you an opportunity to enjoy.



http://www.amazon.co.uk/LaRae-L-Parry/e/B00DDTGREI is LaRae’s author’s page where 6 other novel’s showcasing her writing skills may be reviewed.


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