To Be a Man: An all-inclusive, interactive conversation among men.

My mentor blog master, Kendall pulls out all the stops, and has a smooth writing style

The Neighborhood

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You don’t have to be a man to fight for freedom.
All you have to do is to be an intell
igent human being
– Malcolm X

Men Men At Work by Marcie Adams Eastmans Studio Photography

What does it take to be a lion? An episode of National Geographic or Animal Planet on life in the Serengeti will answer that question in graphic, violent, well filmed documentaries.  Male lions are born into privilege. Their  majestic appearance is a hindrance to the ambush style of the hunt.  Their beautiful manes make being inconspicuous nearly impossible and their hulking physique make them much to slow to catch most prey. They spend nearly 18 hours a day in slumber and after the females return with the spoils, the male lions are always the first to eat. Known to take on a pack of hyenas – solo – their most ferocious competitor…

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