Picture Of Man Holding A Book


photo (2)

I am either lucky or clever, and I won’t be telling you which one it is. Some time today I managed to insert a ‘selfie’ here of me standing in front of the wardrobe mirror checking my hair. At the same time, for reasons too bonkers to explore, I will be holding what I think is called a ‘proof’ copy of my book ‘Living Life Backwards.’ The photograph, I can see, is not all it could be because holding the book, the phone and trying to look in the mirror challenged my powers of co-ordination. Never the less, here it is and it is a very nice moment for me.

Cooking is cancelled this evening and we are going out to have a glass of  wine or two accompanied by a miniature portion of cottage pie to maintain appearances and just enjoy the moment. Of course, a book without readers is…

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