“To Hide From Death” by Theresa Moretimer

Kelly Price files for a protective order after suffering a near-death night hopeful it will shelter her from a deadly menace. A mysterious villain lurked hell-bent on her destruction and no matter what she does, she never seems to be able to escape her new life – a life full of fear and danger.

At first she thought the attacker was her husband, Eric, but as she starts to connect the dots, she finds that it could be anyone. Will Kelly find who is after her before it is too late?

Imagination dances with reality as some of the situations Kelly finds herself in are taken straight from the author’s life. Some of the events in the book are based upon the author’s own life.


Theresa Moretimer was the victim of domestic violence. Now an award winning author she has gone through several years of counseling and awareness programs. She enjoys giving lectures and has made public statements for the governor of Maryland in hopes of ending this tragedy. She is divorced, a mother of four daughters and lives on a small farm in a quiet community. Theresa enjoys writing, singing, cooking, horseback riding, family game nights and movie nights with her children, as well as gardening, fishing, camping and ghost hunting. Some of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to help victims of Domestic Violence.

For a more on Theresa’s amazing journey please go to her Amazon author page


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