Good Times at the Doctor’s Office

Just got back from the cardiologist. That was fun. All the paperwork and stuff. Here’s how the first two minutes went:


How ’bout this for a report. Hubby and I get to doc’s office on time. The receptionist handed me some papers to sign AND a clipboard with some papers and told me to sign the two papers and fill the other one (on the clipboard out) 

Sounds easy enough, right?

 I signed the first paper:  (Last name, first name, second initial) Easy cheesy:

 Parry LaRae L

 Today’s date:  12/14/04 . . . hubby sees it. “NOOOOOOOO”

 I line through it. “Well, what IS the date?”

 Hubby: It’s the 12th

 Me: “Okay, I got it. What year is it?”

 Hubby: “2014”

 Me: “Okay, I got that right too. What month is it?”

 Hubby: “March”

 Me: “Hmmmmm . . . I thought it was April.”

Hubby: “You put the numbers in the wrong place.”

 Me: “Picky, picky.” I straighten out the date.

 Next paper:

 (Last Name, First Name, Middle) . . . easy cheesy:

 Laparae LaRae Parry L . . . 

 Hubby sees it: “Nooooooo!”

 Me: “What?”

 Hubby: “You spelled your first name wrong”

 I look at it . . . “No I didn’t”

 Hubby: “You spelled that first name wrong.”

 Me: “No I didn’t”

 Hubby: “What is that first name then?”

 Me: “It’s my last name . . . Parry. I spelled Parry wrong.”

 Hubby: “At least scribble over it.”

 Me: “No. They’ll think I don’t know how to spell my last name.”

 Hubby: (Face is redder than usual) “Well, by the looks of it, you DON’T know how to spell your last name.”

 Me: “Picky, picky.”

 Next Page . . . to be continued

Crud . . . Another Journal


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