Off on a jolly – back in a week

Jane Risdon

Jane Risdon (c) 2011Jane Risdon (c) 2011

I’ve not had a break away for nearly two years and tomorrow – my ** birthday – I am off for a few days in the country with my middle sister.

We plan to do lots of walking and nattering and as we love to do both, the fields will be alive with the sound of two chattering giggling women putting the world to rights and generally chewing the fat.

Both of us love to photograph the same things; wild-life and all manner of flora and fauna and logs, wood, stones, and lichen as well as old buildings, chimneys and anything odd and unusual so be prepared for some photographic posts.

Lake and reflections Jane Risdon (c) 2013Lake and reflections Jane Risdon (c) 2013

The National Trust is a big favourite and there is talk of trundling along to one or two NT houses and gardens; Oh! deep joy!  Heaven.

And there are always castles and…

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