Fallyn and the Dragons by Kathy Rollinson

Author’s book description * A magical adventure that sees Allan, his twin sister Eileen, and their best friend Martin called away from the ‘real’ world to the island of Nashta.
There, Allan is given the name of Fallyn, and it is only he who can rescue King Rudri’s dragons and battle against Prince Bato who seeks to dispose his brother and take the crown for himself

Author provided brief bio
I was born in Salford, Lancashire. I moved to South Wales when I was twelve. I have lived in various places in England and Wales.

I bought a house in Spain in 2000 but I moved permanently to the Costa Blanca, Spain since 2008. Before I moved to Spain I lived in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. My love of this area is evident in ‘Fallyn and the Dragons’ because the main characters
spend a holiday there.

I belong to various writing groups, both prose and poetry. My hobbies include
line-dancing, golf, swimming, and enjoying the sun here in Spain.


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