The undergarments

blk lace pantiesA women that wears sexy lingerie exudes confidence. Its that one sexy little secret that most women know about but don’t talk about.

We have all seen that one woman in an office or out at the mall that always looks amazing. She holds her head up high as she struts her stuff without trying. You know the one I’m talking about.

Women think, “What does she have that I don’t have?” And men think “I want to ravish her.” Well for one thing she’s wearing sexy little undergarments.  And that’s what makes her feel extra special. So when she walks across the room and every man and woman turns their head you now know why.

Yes its her undergarments. This is the woman that shops for herself. And she picks up those garter-belts with the matching panties and thigh highs. Most times she is the only one who see’s them. But she’s always prepared for that date after work. Or that Friday night dinner that turns into a weekend full of lust and passion..

Why am I writing about undergarments you ask. Because if you want to feel sexy you should get on the internet or go the mall and buy yourself some sexy lingerie.

Or better yet place your measurements into your mans wallet and let him pick out some for you..To a woman finding that sexy silk or lace set of lingerie laid out on the bed can and will make her feel extra special and oh so sexy.

All women should have sexy undergarments. It’s the one thing that can and does give us that extra boost of confidence and makes all the difference where your sex life is concerned.Happy shopping..

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About SexwAnnie

I'm a Jersey girl who now lives in the sunshine state who happens to have a sexy blog. I love my family, the beach, the color blue, soft serve vanilla custard, sunsets, turkey dinner's, and of course my Dominant Sir who just happens to be my loving husband. That's me in a nutshell.. I think couples have forgotten just how great sex can be. They've also forgotten just how good it feels to have an orgasm, or a quickie in the middle of the afternoon. All I'm saying is in order to have a great relationship you need that connection. My relationship philosophy has five keys; Communication, trust, respect, honesty, and of course a sex life. Lose just one of these five keys and there is no relationship. No I don't have a PhD. I don't need one. What I do have is a successful thirty year marriage to back me up. That's thirty years of dealing with life's ups and downs. And through it all I've managed to keep my relationship in tact. And my sex life exciting and new. Each week I post a new Sexy Sunday on WordPress. Don't be shy. Ask a question or leave a comment. I love to interact with readers.

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