The next generation, #7 Sexy Sunday

SEX w/ Annie

I like where the next generation is going where SEX is concerned. Their relationships need work but their sex lives are a lot more open and free than they were when I was in my twenties or even my thirties. These women aren’t afraid to hook-up or have a one night stand. If they want to have SEX they find someone who can pleasure them and give them that mind blowing ORGASM with no strings attached. They get instant SEXUAL gratification. They even have a name for it Friends with BENEFITS. I love that.

There’s nothing wrong with being open and honest about your SEX LIFE. The next generation of women have no problem talking about the VIBRATOR they purchased online. Or how they walked into that ADULT TOY store over the weekend. But Their relationships are a mess. I mean don’t get me wrong the sex has to be…

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About SexwAnnie

I'm a Jersey girl who now lives in the sunshine state who happens to have a sexy blog. I love my family, the beach, the color blue, soft serve vanilla custard, sunsets, turkey dinner's, and of course my Dominant Sir who just happens to be my loving husband. That's me in a nutshell.. I think couples have forgotten just how great sex can be. They've also forgotten just how good it feels to have an orgasm, or a quickie in the middle of the afternoon. All I'm saying is in order to have a great relationship you need that connection. My relationship philosophy has five keys; Communication, trust, respect, honesty, and of course a sex life. Lose just one of these five keys and there is no relationship. No I don't have a PhD. I don't need one. What I do have is a successful thirty year marriage to back me up. That's thirty years of dealing with life's ups and downs. And through it all I've managed to keep my relationship in tact. And my sex life exciting and new. Each week I post a new Sexy Sunday on WordPress. Don't be shy. Ask a question or leave a comment. I love to interact with readers.

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