I still get those butterfly’s..

When I think of him I smile. There is no greater feeling than being in love and knowing that you are loved back just as much.

I still get those butterfly’s when I see my husband walking towards me when we are out. I start to smile as he smiles back at me.

We look into each others eyes and I see that this man would do anything for me. And he knows without a doubt that I would do anything for him.

What have I done to deserve such a prince. How did I get to be the one that gets the fairy tale. Well life hasn’t always been easy. But Somehow we have always made it through the storms together to find that rainbow on the other side.

I have no doubt that when I take my last breath on this earth that it will be my Mike that i’m thinking of.

This is the man that I love with all my heart and soul. He stole my heart one New Year’s Eve almost 30 years ago . He promised to love me and make me laugh every day for the rest of my life. And so far he has kept that promise.

He tells me I’m beautiful everyday and I have to think that without my Mike I don’t think I could smile and be the woman I am today.

I haven’t had it easy. But somehow Mike has managed to give me a life I never thought I would have. When he found me I was a newly widowed. I was not about take any man’s shit ever again.

I had a list of demands so to speak. He couldn’t have been more of a perfect match. I knew I loved him from the moment we kissed on that New Years eve. But I waited to say those three words.

Then one night he called and asked me to ask my Dad if it was alright if he beeped the horn when he came to pick me up. Of course my Daddy was impressed that he would even ask.

We went to a diner and he looked into my eyes and said, “Do you love me or are you just hanging around.” I laughed of course. But he was too cute for words. When I said I did this smile came across his face that I can still remember. He said I love you too Annie.

Mike and I have been having a love affair for almost 30 years. It’s been wonderful to feel this much love each and every day. I am truly blessed that cupid decided to pull his bow back and shoot us both in the heart that night. And than I think maybe he was heaven sent..

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About SexwAnnie

I'm a Jersey girl who now lives in the sunshine state who happens to have a sexy blog. I love my family, the beach, the color blue, soft serve vanilla custard, sunsets, turkey dinner's, and of course my Dominant Sir who just happens to be my loving husband. That's me in a nutshell.. I think couples have forgotten just how great sex can be. They've also forgotten just how good it feels to have an orgasm, or a quickie in the middle of the afternoon. All I'm saying is in order to have a great relationship you need that connection. My relationship philosophy has five keys; Communication, trust, respect, honesty, and of course a sex life. Lose just one of these five keys and there is no relationship. No I don't have a PhD. I don't need one. What I do have is a successful thirty year marriage to back me up. That's thirty years of dealing with life's ups and downs. And through it all I've managed to keep my relationship in tact. And my sex life exciting and new. Each week I post a new Sexy Sunday on WordPress. http://www.sexwannie.wordpress.com. Don't be shy. Ask a question or leave a comment. I love to interact with readers.

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