Hate- hiding behind the skirts of Humanity’s weakness

In my book “The End of Humanity” God was disappointed in a feature unique to Earth. Through out all of his Universe hate was only present on Earth and it was a defect he had to correct. In the book he enlightened humanity’s spirit with greater intelligence. This adjustment was to make man more capable in dominating the planet. It would strengthen his skills used to defend himself from the meat eaters and bolster his ability to love. God did this with improved intelligence and a soul for humanity.

In the book Humanity had one challenge that towered over any other, fear. Even with it’s enlightened soul and maximized intelligence humanity continued to suffer from fear, which was and still is the origin the origin of hate. Fear resulted from the instinct to survive and Earth operated with a system based on self sufficiency and this made it perpetual, all the planet was moving with the power of perpetual motion. This made eradicating fear an extremely difficult dilemma. Adjusting intelligence caused very strange reactions to the planets balance, which kept the perpetually spinning globe on it’s path to ultimate perfection.

Well, I will be doggoned if it is not bringing the demise of humanity to center-stage, and humanity and it’s heightened intellect is still falling for the same trick, the same evil, fear is driving humanity to it’s own destruction.

Now we cannot blame this solely on humanity, evil is a mighty foe. The tools at evil’s disposal are powerful, and fear is the strongest of the bunch. Fear is virtually unstoppable, humanity’s only hope is itself, God gave it everything it needed, including a soul, and Jesus made it simple, but humanity still falls for the pranks of evil. Even though we know right from wrong and regardless of how smart we have become we still don’t get it. Fear is hiding amongst us in plain sight, yet we do not see.

Fear has a powerful spawn, hate is what we know it as. Hate is intoxicating to man and a genius at sabotage and very apt in concealing its identity. Hate masquerades as righteousness, impersonates natural instinct, heck it can even stoop down and hide behind the skirts of intolerance, but intolerance is not really its momma nor it’s grandmother, but it will hide there just the same. Hate and the weaker sibling greed come out when we are not on guard and dance, laugh and sing, but we don’t see and we don’t listen to our soul begging us to rid our lives of the threat.

Humanity continues to allow it’s brothers and neighbors to suffer, while it hides and gets fat. It looks like self sufficiency, it sounds like survival, but come on, wake up, it smells like hell. While greed ties us down with inaction, hate brings the Lord’s prize possession, Humanity, to fear and it’s self-imposed demise on a silver platter.

Take for instance Ebola. Ebola kills almost every human it infects. In Guinea, on the continent of Africa Ebola is growing, but humanity won’t act, it needs to hide in the closet and gorge itself so it can “Survive”. Squalor and the filth of poverty builds the optimum habitat for Ebola to grow and thrive. Not only do we allow our neighbors to suffer for all the reasons hate can impersonate, we allow a true threat to our existence to thrive. Now Guinea’s neighbors fear it spreading to them, Ebola is a virus, the entire planet should fear it spreading to themselves wherever they live. And the real kicker is Ebola is one of thousands. Hunger, malnutrition, lack of medical care are the instigators to a host of virus’s. Wake up Humanity, or prepare for the ultimate sleep.

We have a soul, it tells us right from wrong, we have enlightened intellect. Jesus made the path easy to follow, and we have the means to battle the problem, tsk, tsk, time will tell if we will save ourselves by saving and loving our brothers and neighbors or gorge ourselves in our self-imposed darkness while we await the end, the end of Humanity.



One thought on “Hate- hiding behind the skirts of Humanity’s weakness

  1. Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
    A fresh take on how God made the universe written in plain English. Even if you’re not the religious type you can read and understand The end of Humanity. When I started to read this book I thought oh God what have I gotten myself into. But as I turned the pages Coleman Weeks actually made God and his son Jesus an interesting pair. Maybe they did actually talked about who should be smarter, or why some cats have fur and some don’t. Why we have souls and how the angels hand them out to each of us.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a different and interesting take on the bible.
    From fish, birds, cats & dogs, to Good & evil,Kane & Able, its all here. You will actually come away with a better sense of the bible explained to you in a way that even kids can understand.
    This book is a breathe of fresh air where religion is concerned. Try the sample you have nothing to lose. Maybe you’ll even gain a different perspective and start looking at things and life in a whole new way, I did..

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