Author Annie Edmonds Writing Process..

photo (15)I was invited by two authors Coleman Weeks and Augusta Fern to take part in the writing process blog tour that was started by author Regina Puckett. It’s purpose is to showcase different authors methods all over the world. 

Coleman is an amazing spiritual man with a huge heart. And a wonderful author of many different genre’s. His books are; End of Humanity, Corkscrew Catastrophe. And he writes his WordPress blogs,  and, 

Augusta has one of the most amazing imaginations and it shows in her books Morte’ Series, Babet’s Epiphany, and Revelations of Cian. Her blogs are on WordPress, and Goodreads   If you get a chance you should check out these books and blogs. 

Q: What Are you working on?
A: I am currently working on my second erotic romance. Master Mike’s story. Not really sure if that’s what the title is yet, but since the series is Second Chance and my first book was Second Chances Sammy’s story, I just might go with Master Mike’s story.
I also write a couple blogs. The first is Sex w/Annie Let’s Talk about Sex on WordPress.
This is where I try to help couples who have let their sex lives dwindle find a way to put the spice back into their relationships. I’ve been married for 28 yrs and I live with chronic pain. I figure if I can figure out a way to have a happy healthy sex life I should be able to help others.
The other is a authors group blog. Mine of course is the romance, and erotica section. Yes I am one busy woman. Between the writing and social networking there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. But I love every minute of it. Being able to reach all kinds of people and hear about their lives makes it all worth it.
Q: How does your work differ from other’s in your genre;
A: Take for instance Sammy’s story; I could have chopped it in half or into thirds and gotten two or three books out of that one story.
I wanted my readers to be able to pick up one of my books read a few chapters before bed and the next day think about getting home and reading some more. I don’t want them to be done with it in an hour and start looking for their next book. I am hoping by the time the reader get to the end of my book they can feel the emotions I felt while writing it.  I think this is what all writers want. I just try and do it with one book instead of two.
Q: Why do you write what you do?
A: I write what I know. You see Augusta I got my second chance at love and life when I met my husband Mike at a New Year’s Eve party. I was young widow. I had no idea what true love was until I found Mike or when he found me. I felt it almost instantly. That magic they talk about, and those butterfly’s I still feel them after all these years.
My books are about getting that second chance at love and life. I am here to say that it can happen to you out there. That there is such a thing as love at first sight. I didn’t have it but my husband did and he has told me many times that he was not going to stop looking until he found me again.  He knew my story. And he was willing to take a chance on me. .
Those are the feelings I write with. I have the fairy tale where love is concerned. And I want others to feel it too. I want to give my readers hope.
Or give the reader who may not have had sex in awhile that warm tingle feeling you get when you’re reading a good erotic romance.
I have a few women that have written to tell me that it was my book that put the spark back into their love lives.  Now that right there is a great reason to keep writing. I am in love with my husband and I want to share some of my experience’s. So I make sure there’s a part of our love woven in with the stories I write.
Q: How does your writing process work?
A: I write at my dining room table which is actually in my living room. .
Everyone’s lives keep moving while I’m typing away in my heavily padded chair
If there was a camera set up you would see that during the day everyone is coming and going while I’m in one place. Sometimes hours go by without me realizing.
I have my essentials; my notebooks, my pads and pens, my post its, computer and my stainless steel coffee mug. I start by writing out a short draft of what my main character is going to look like and where I want him/her to go.
Then I give them a love interest. From there I find a way to get these two characters together. I have no idea where it all comes from but I think I could write a love story about two scarecrows if I thought about it long enough.
For me research is so important. When I’m writing I make sure to do my homework especially where BDSM is concerned. I want to make sure I am as accurate as I can be in the kink department.
I sometimes give my hubby a treat and ask him to help with the research. You should see the smile he gets on his face. “Yes baby I want you to look up a real dungeon and a woman on a St. Andrews cross. Let me know when you find it”.  You would have thought I gave him a penthouse pet for a day. Men are so easy to please.
I don’t want someone to read one of my books and decide to go into an erotic club and not know that the universal safe-word in the world of BDSM is Red. There are websites listed in the back of my books too. With one click readers can do their own research. My advice is to Just be careful if you decide to put some kink into your relationship. And if you don’t trust your partner completely then don’t try it.  Also know that it’s the submissive that has all the control.


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I'm a Jersey girl who now lives in the sunshine state who happens to have a sexy blog. I love my family, the beach, the color blue, soft serve vanilla custard, sunsets, turkey dinner's, and of course my Dominant Sir who just happens to be my loving husband. That's me in a nutshell.. I think couples have forgotten just how great sex can be. They've also forgotten just how good it feels to have an orgasm, or a quickie in the middle of the afternoon. All I'm saying is in order to have a great relationship you need that connection. My relationship philosophy has five keys; Communication, trust, respect, honesty, and of course a sex life. Lose just one of these five keys and there is no relationship. No I don't have a PhD. I don't need one. What I do have is a successful thirty year marriage to back me up. That's thirty years of dealing with life's ups and downs. And through it all I've managed to keep my relationship in tact. And my sex life exciting and new. Each week I post a new Sexy Sunday on WordPress. Don't be shy. Ask a question or leave a comment. I love to interact with readers.

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