24 Quotes On The Future Of Business And Work, From ‘The Year Without Pants’

Thought Catalog

I recently finished reading ‘The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work‘ by Scott Berkun. Berkun is a career technologist and project manager — he made a name for himself leading the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft during the mid-90’s ‘Browser Wars.’ In ‘The Year Without Pants‘, Berkun details his time working for Automattic, one of the most successful internet companies of recent memory (and the technology on which ThoughtCatalog.com runs.) Automattic is unique — built on open-source culture, the company most notably has no physical office. Instead, Automattic’s 229 employees are scattered across 170 cities and 30 countries.

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From his traditional background, Berkun’s observations on the good and the bad of Automattic’s culture make for unique insights on both timeless business wisdom and on the future of work as we know it. I recommend for…

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