PW Q&A with Ann Brashares


Publisher’s Weekly talked to Ann Brashares (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) about her new YA novel, The Here and Now:

PW: Can you describe what your writing day is like?

AB: I tend to be either immersed in a book and writing a lot, or I’m not at all and I’m busy trying to find my way into something new, or I’m doing a lot of interviews and meetings and I’m teaching a bit. There are certain periods of my life when I’m deeply immersed in a book and I’ll write many hours a day and at night, too. The book I’m working on will be where I live for a while. It’s not really that sustainable a place because, well, there’s the rest of my life! But there are other times when it does take a lot of discipline to sit down and make myself write.

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