Cat-Blog: On MS House Bill 2681

Part Time Monster

We’ve been discussing marriage equality at Sourcerer and here at Part Time Monster.  Contributor Cat wrote a three-part series this week on her marriage to Heather, highlighting their reasons both practical and romantic to navigate the complex adventure of getting legally married while living in a state that doesn’t perform or recognize same-sex marriages. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful. You should go read it.

After finding out late Monday that Mississippi put the discrimination bill back on the table 13 minutes before closing time, a bill similar to the Arizona bill that would’ve legalized discrimination especially for LGBT folks, we sat aghast—even more so because  one of the authors is a well-respected man in our hometown. On Tuesday night, we are being told that the bill passed and will go to Gov. Bryant to be signed. Jolene, a fellow grad student and blogger, has written about contacting state…

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