Kings and Queens of Old

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king and queen

Leaders be the Kings and queens

Elected in no destiny

Kill em all that is the dream and

Give em Blessings as I speak

These are Simply Smudges

As I’m Venting out my grudges

Putting them to paper and

Cross em out I’ll tell you  later

Meager saviors

never need a witness

Slay the dragons and

Bring the princess

Kings and queens beg for my forgiveness

As Revolutions live in legends

Sent from heaven

The Insurrections dead and buried

People call it legendary

Buzz and Pollinate silence

Solemnly they triumph

When it falls to tyrants and

Kings and queens retreat to hiding

Are your Castle walls enforced

When you fight it with the sword and

They can’t stop us once we form because

Sandy soils are no more

The Myths of gods and gifts

Become Thwarted through a simple trick

And All I need is people to enlist

In deep…

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