Jotta A – Teen Age

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jotta A Jotta A, Joseph Antonio Viana, (his family calls him Tony). Yes the little Brazilian boy who took the Gospel by storm when he sang his heart out at Brazil Talented Kids Show and transformed famous songs into new age Gospel sensation, is still in the scenes and is working on a new album which will be out this year.  If you love Jotta A, you will love his CD Essencia.

Most know or remember Jotta A as a little boy singing perfectly, “Halleluiah” version of WH Smith, “Still” by Hill Song and other big songs sung by big artists like Aline Barros “Sonda me”, hitting the high notes in perfect vocal chords with a difference, like never heard before, giving gospel music a new meaning . Now Jotta A, still driven by his Ministry and an idol for millions of both Christians and non Christians fans and supporters is…

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