It Can Happen

I have heard some say “That will never happen to me” but I’m sorry to say it can.  What is ‘it’ you ask?  A dirty little secret most dislike talking about.  It’s a cold-hearted misery that I speak of.  It’s called domestic violence, though I believe we could come up with a better name, for there is nothing domestic about it.  After all, think about it.  What comes to mind when you hear the word domestic?  Certainly not violence, but that’s a blog for another day.  What we are discussing today is that it can happen to you.  I never dreamed it would happen to me, but it did.  I new the signs and still it happened because I chose to close my eyes.  I did not want to see them, I did not want to know them.  How could my perfect lover be a cruel being in disguise?  Believe me the signs were there.  I listened to the same sweet voice tell me I didn’t need to wear makeup…Here’s your first clue beginning to beep. When you hear someone tell you that several times or tell you you don’t need to paint your face to go out or be seen with them your alarm should be beginning to sound…Beep…It can happen to you.  When they ask you why you need to go out with your friends…Beep…It should be sounding again.  It can happen to you.  When the blatantly tell you that they don’t particularly care for your choice in friends…Beep…It can happen to you.  When they tell you that you really don’t need anyone else…Beep…It can happen to you.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Can you understand that what some people may believe is someone being sweet is actually far from it…It can happen to you.  Domestic violence has no prejudice, it does not care what color your skin is, what your social status is, or what sex you are.  It is an equal opportunity disease stricken love.  What?  You don’t recall asking or applying for this?  No one ever does.  After all, who in their right mind would say “Will you beat me half to death and tell me you love me after?”…It can happen to you.  It can happen to you, someone you love, your neighbor or your best friend.  Evil doesn’t care who you are…It can happen to you.  So before you decide to take that relationship that you are unsure of to the next level, sit down and reminisce about the good, the bad and the ugly.  How many fights have you had?  What is that behavior like after a few drinks?  Did he really not mean it when he struck you?  I bet that make-up session was good.  It usually always is, that’s why it’s hard to decipher the signs when your heart and your head have different opinions…It can happen to you.  Stay safe, think, reflect…because: It can happen to you!

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About Theresa Mortimer

I am currently working on the fourth and fifth novels in the To Hide from Death series. I will be speaking at several high schools and colleges on the prevention of domestic violence. Forewarned is forearmed! Member of the Eastern Shore Writer's Assn. Proceeds from the sales of my books go toward building shelters for domestic violence victims. I also co-founded the Dreams Come True Horse and Animal Rescue and all of horse books fund this farm.

4 thoughts on “It Can Happen

  1. I remember watching my mom when my biological father would get drunk and hit her. I knew I would never fall for that kind of man. Sure enough my first marriage was with an alcoholic man who never hit me but mentally abused me till I had enough and left a year and a half into it.

    He ultimately couldn’t bare the thought of me leaving and killed himself two days later, But only after he knew he could not get to me. My mom was smart enough to get me out of state and onto an air force base where she knew I would be safe with my brother. I believe that if he had found me I would not be here to talk about it. He would have taken me with him.

    It can be as simple as “Why are you wearing make-up to go food shopping?” or if they are going through your phone looking at text or listening to voice mail. reading your e-mails. Or as Teresa pointed out they keep you from family and friends. Get Out Now! And don’t fall for the “I promise to never do that again” tactics that they use

    Thanks for the post Teresa, So glad you got out. You are a strong woman. I am so glad that you are now safe and sharing your story with others. You just never know. There are good men out there. We as women just have to be careful. Hugs, Annie

    • Thank you Annie and here’s hug back to you XX I’m glad that you made it out safely. Mine unfortunately is a never ending nightmare. He just stalked us through WalMart today and had my youngest daughter scared to death. I have decided to move because he is getting more and more open with it. I am safe though. Here’s another hug XX and I’m so glad to know you 🙂

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