Giwargis, the Pure One

Jane Dougherty Writes

Today’s story from the world of The Green Woman.


Giwargis took up his position at his desk, like a priest at the altar. With his usual methodical precision he laid out, from left to right, a mobile phone, a laptop computer and a handgun. The latter was his good luck amulet: he did not expect to be needing it in the immediate future.
The small room was full of monitors, CCTV and images sent from the drone. Most of the screens were still, some showed measured, orderly movement on the streets or in the main administrative buildings. He gave those but scant attention. Giwargis pulled up the film from one of the monitors onto his laptop and zoomed in.
This was his guilty pleasure. He would do penance later. The ignorant people feared the Pure Ones. They believed the red that stained the leather thongs of the flail of office…

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