The Voice of the Lonely Whale.

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I recently read an article about a lonely whale and decided that we, as writers, could be thought as lonely whales. I hope no one minds being thought of as a whale. Not the bloated blue whale which was recently washed up in Canada, threatening to explode its putrid carcase all over the place, but what I call the voice of the lonely whale.

In 1989, scientists discovered a whale which used the 52Hz frequency to send its song. This made it unique, because all the other whales used different frequencies. The scientists tracked the lonely whale, which could not speak the language of the other whales. (I feel a story coming on).

Wally the whale travelled vast distances through many oceans singing his song which was never returned. Aah! (Excuse me while I go
for some tissues).

The point of this article is to say all of us capture…

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