Mixing myths, folklore and fiction

Suteko's Blog

Those of you who have read my books know I love to play with myths, folklore and legends.  I like to take those very old stories from a lot of cultures and mix them together to make a new whole.  It can be especially fun when you are writing in the field of urban fantasy.

Now there has been a strong flood of tales retelling faerie tales in books, movies and tv shows.  The rise of things like Once Upon a Time, Maleficent and the various Snow White movies have gotten a lot of buzz.  We have seen great writers, like Mercedes Lackey, doing their own series of stories based loosely on these stories for our reading pleasure.

But as a, so far, undiscovered writer I wonder just what people think of this trend.  I mean we all know that things like Zombies are oh so popular.  There are zombie…

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