No Apologies, What’s The One Guilty Pleasure That You Have That’s So Good You No Longer Feel Guilty About It.

The perception of Annie

DSC_0306 Siesta Key Beach, Florida


356343ffb11d4b6f3f0c06e866b2057e A bowl of my favorite Vanilla ice cream

My erotic novel My erotic novel

No Apologies, What’s the one guilty pleasure that I have that’s so good I no longer feel guilty about it.

First of all I think this is a crazy question. Do guilty pleasure’s really just go away. If they do then I guess they wouldn’t be guilty pleasures anymore. Or at least that’s the way I’m reading this daily prompt. Why do we have to feel guilty about something that gives us pleasure?

And since this is a G-rated writing exercise I will keep my guilty pleasure’s to myself or for my Sex w/Annie blog thank you, Lol.

What or who constitutes what a guilty pleasure is? Just because something or someone gives you pleasure does it mean you have to feel guilty about it ?  Is a guilty pleasure the way something makes you…

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