The Hazards of Writing

Jean Reinhardt

hazards of writing, backache and typing, writers' health issues.

Can writing be bad for your health with hazards of all sorts to contend with? Yes it can. As I walk the twenty minute journey to work I often make up conversations in my head between the characters in whatever book I am writing at the time. This can be quite dangerous and distracting if I get too engrossed in what they are saying, I am likely to step out onto the road without being as careful as I should. Sometimes they talk so much I can’t get a word in myself. Lately I have realized that my lips are often moving as I am mentally playing out a scene so I sometimes hold a phone to my ear, to fool passersby into thinking that I am actually speaking to a real person. My children are threatening to buy me a bluetooth earpiece, just for effect. At least that way…

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