Hey, You Pragmatic Ass, Don’t Solve My Problem… just yet

the Volitient blog

Pragmatism is, or was, a philosophical movement of the early 20th century that stressed practical thinking and problem-solving over theoretical solutions, but it has come to have a contextual definition of simple practical conduct. However, it doesn’t have nearly the positive aura that it probably should have (from a pragmatic perspective). If your spouse gets upset about you throwing away a tattered stack of magazines that have been floating from one corner of the living room to another for months, and you decide to settle the fight by bringing home a magazine rack to prevent future conflict, you may be surprised to discover that you made matters worse. Or how about if you complained that your salad was over-dressed, and the waiter simply brought you a new one with the dressing on the side, but didn’t say a word – What would you think of that? Would he get…

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