In 1998 Roland Emmerich directed a ‘remake’ of Japans greatest monster movie. It wasn’t as bad a film as some made out. It just didn’t do the source material any justice whatsoever and the iconic look of the creature was changed so instead what audiences received was an overgrown T-Rex running round New York being chased by attack helicopters. Godzilla fans are quite discerning when it comes to monster movies and the 98 film unfortunately didn’t live up to those standards. The films biggest mistake was changing Godzilla too much. Instead of an almost indestructible colossus as an embodiment of the awesome destructive power of nuclear weaponry/natures indifference to man, we got the T-Rex that hid behind skyscrapers instead of tearing them down.


Now 16 years later Hollywood has tried again.  Directed by British film-maker Gareth Edwards, the new Godzilla film has been wowing fans with its awesome…

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