The Ten Catmandments

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Many, many years ago, there were hundreds of cats in ancient Egypt.  None of them had good, forever homes.  They wandered the land searching for food and water wherever they could find it.  Many were sick and died.  Those who did live to be old cats wondered if life would ever change.  Would they have to wander in the wilderness forever?  Would they find someone to love and care for them?  Would they find a place to be safe from the other animals that hunted them?

Nothing changed for thousands of years.  But, one day, a kitten was born by the name of Meowses.  His mother knew that he was different from any other kitten she had ever seen.  He didn’t LOOK different, but she knew that he was.  She took excellent care of him to make sure he stayed healthy and learned all the ways of being a cat. …

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