Free images for bloggers

Helena Fairfax

helena fairfax Penguin from Pixabay

When I first started this blog I’m ashamed to say I took a very cavalier approach to illustrating it. I copied and pasted quite a few images that weren’t mine to take (I know, I’m sorry!) It’s so easy to see a great photo on another website and think, oh that looks brilliant, I’ll use it.  My reasoning at the time was, it doesn’t really matter because no one reads this blog anyway. But my thinking was wrong (as it so often is!) Besides not being entitled to copy other people’s photos willy nilly, my blog has grown in the meantime from a handful of family and friends to close to 400 followers, and besides that, those pages with “borrowed” images are still up there getting hits every day.

So now I’m going to have to go back through those early days and put right the wrong…

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2 thoughts on “Free images for bloggers

  1. The dynamics on the net are such, that if you publish a pic, its likely to get copied, right? So, the onus is on you to add (c) info. Duplication/ downloading is legal (as far as I know), however, replication is illegal without the author’s permission &/ or licence.

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