My Reasons For Just Being Me

Meredyth Lynne

I don’t talk about my feelings toward Dominic Monaghan because I’m crazy. I talk about Dominic Monaghan because he’s apart of who I am. I can’t change my heart. I don’t bring him up in my group therapy because feelings of the heart is not a mental illness. The passionate love that I have for him in my heart is not something I can be healed from or something others think I need to get over. How do get over someone who when you just a see a picture of them it brightens your day? Or if you see a video of them saying something funny and it makes you laugh uncontrollably? People tell me that I’m obsessed with him. For twelve years, huh? If you’ve been reading my blogs I’ve been obsessed. I was a crazy boy band fan girl when I was a teenager. But, that’s as far…

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