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DavidPoulsen (2)David A. Poulsen

What is your latest release and what genre is it?Old Man — crossover Teen (YA) / Adult

Quick description: Nate Huffman has a five-point self-improvement plan for the summer that will not only make him smarter, stronger and better looking, but will almost guarantee him a shot at Jen Wertz.

But just as the long awaited summer vacation is about to arrive, Nate`s plans are unexpectedly shelved–for the most unlikely of reasons–the reappearance of his estranged father who ran off with a nineteen year-old dental hygienist when Nate was five. And not only is the old man back, he’s got this goofy idea about some road trip the two of them are going to take.

Nate finds himself heading off in a pickup with a sixty-two year-old man he can’t stand. But that’s just the beginning. Nate’s dad wants to reconnect with his son–and more than…

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