I am shelf-lessly showing off my shelfie!

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What to pick when showing off a shelfie?

I’m one of those that place things on any surface… so nearly everything becomes a shelf.  But I’m not one for ornaments… Instead I will place books, pictures and various odd vintage things about… and the stick in dried roses if I see a spot that’s free.  😀

So… for my shelfie, I picked the one and only place where I actually have an ornament.  *feels like such a pro shelfie-er*  😉

The above is a pic of my homemade console “table”.  It’s not a table at all, bless it.  My hallway is so narrow (and hence the crooked pic, it was either that, or half of the pic covered in the staircase bars), so there’s no room for anything… but we made this so it basically takes up no room at all.  The drawers are all fake, as they’d be so…

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