Prevent Heart Disease with Natural Healing Foods

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Heart Disease

Heart disease is a leading cause of death. Although you cannot control certain factors like age and family history, you can use food and nutrition to help you prevent heart disease.


Apples are full of antioxidant compounds which help inhibit inflammation and lower levels of cholesterol and two other markers associated with plaque and inflammation in artery walls. Apples are also high in fiber which has been shown to lower cholesterol level. Studies have shown that frequent apple eaters have reduced risk of suffering from heart attacks and strokes compared with non-apple eaters.


Blackberries may help to prevent heart disease by inactivating the enzymes that damage the endothelial cells lining the blood vessels. They contain high amounts of fiber, are rich in polyphenols, vitamin C, and contain a bit of iron, calcium, and vitamin A. The antioxidants in blackberries also protect the cells of the cardiovascular…

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