Sketch for a Theory of Persistent Passions

On The Heath

Concerning passions – two persist – and they are: Writing and loving a Woman. Both these I had a precocious passion for. Two decades later – they’ve remained top constants that some may even argue they qualify as obsessions and addictions too.

True – they command most of my waking hours and they set the precedents to my dreams. The greatest pleasures and pains have thus been gotten only from them, truths and life are carried in them, and culture is influenced by them. All purpose is modelled on them and all desire for value is realised in them, and so an endless pursuit ensues – as I try to acquire the best of them but they have always eluded me even from the very beginning.

Perhaps that’s the reason why I still persist – in a manner I’d liken to Klimt’s except without the glory, the models, nor the…

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