Cap’n Joe’s Interview with a former Saudi Princess’s bodyguard – Author Jana Petken

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Captain Joe’s Interview with Jana Petken author of the remarkable: “The Guardians of Secrets.”

Cap’n Joe: Can you tell my readers a little about your background nationality/ancestry?

Jana Petken: Hi Cap’n Joe!

I live in Spain but I’m Scottish and British, with a lot of Irish blood flowing through my veins. I guess I’m a mongrel, with various cultural idiosyncrasies.

I’m adventurous. I’ve travelled the world, twice over, and have a military police background. I’ve arrested drunken sailors, fought hand to hand combat with them when they refused to go quietly into the back of my prisoner wagon.

I’ve been a Saudi Princess’s bodyguard and spent a good ten years of my life in designer clothes shops and drinking cups of tea, whilst wishing for a glass of wine.

I was cabin crew for British Airways, worldwide fleet, and ended that career by bouncing my head off a Boeing 747…

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