First Part of the novel, Dead Winter

T.J. Salazar


This is a piece of the first chapter of my unpublished novel, Dead Winter. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. -T.J.

Do you remember where you were on Z-Day? It’s a common question now. It’s usually asked in the quiet of the night, with only the cold glare of stars and mind-numbing fear to keep you company. Sometimes, it’s a question you ask yourself on a wide-open road, on a bright cheerless day. Z-day. The day the world went mad. The fact is, no one saw it coming. The jokes were all there, everyone speculating over the Mayan calendar. The end of the world, the end times, Armageddon, choose your poison; someone was spouting off about it. No one took it seriously. It was too far fetched to really fathom. The gaming nuts, obsessed with a world overrun with the vicious and ever hungry undead, hoped…

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