Doing The Hard Thing

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I just finished reading Seth Godin’s last blog:  which was about focusing and doing the “hard thing.” With that in mind, I decided it was high time to share the link to what I found to be one of the most inspirational readings on U-Tube) Roll the Dice   Why? Because I am about to tell you a story from my past-a “Portal to the Unforgettable” that is about all of the above. I hope it inspires you to do the hard thing.

Winter cow

Well here it was, the day of reckoning. With chagrin, I remembered that building the silo was my idea, because I was afraid of the fires we had started to burn the stubble fields after combining trefoil seed. “I know. We will harvest trefoil for cattle feed, and store it in a silo!!!!!” I declared, relieved that we would never again need…

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2 thoughts on “Doing The Hard Thing

  1. Thank You Coleman for reblogging this. It was definitely unforgettable to me and life changing. I do hope you visit my blog often. I see that you live in Estero as does my sister. It’s a small world.

    I looked through some of your fellow bloggers at the blogging site you use. Creativity certainly crosses over doesn’t it? It is so much better then war!

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