Cooking with Liz :)

Hello friends, followers and fans 🙂 I hope you are enjoying this lovely evening. It has been a while since I have been here to post my thoughts. Tonight, I’m not posting my thoughts on my usual works, but rather those of my youngest daughter. This is more of a plea for your help for her.

No, there is nothing wrong with her other than PTSD. She is fine other than that. She is a relatively brilliant child and I’m not saying that because she’s my daughter LoL. Her condition had made her unable to laugh and no one could laugh around her due to certain circumstances that she had went through. However, she is resilient. She started her own cooking show on YouTube and that has really lit her up. She smiles brighter than a Christmas Tree when she talks about her show.

I am a very supportive parent, so I convinced her to post her shows. She began with making up recipes for people that absolutely can’t cook. These are simple recipes, no fail recipes. She made it easy for people to say yes to the old “can you bring a dish to the party?”. However, she can’t seem to get enough likes on her YouTube videos. Of course we went to look at the ones she has created and somehow when I was looking at them on her channel, I must have erased all but one. So I need your help…

Can each of you go to the one video she has posted and view it? If you like what a 12 year old is doing, can you hit like? (She was 10 when she started this and 11 on this video) I would really appreciate it if you could. I would love to bring a smile back to her face. I promise I will post her smile after she sees that people have viewed her Learn to Cook on Cooking with Liz 11″ Oreo Cheesecake. Will you please tune in and give it a watch? You just might like it 😀 She has had over 300 views but people don’t seem to hit the like buttons. However she has had a girl she goes to school with hit the dislike button. That one ouched a bit, but she got over it 🙂

Thank you my friends, fans and followers. You will never know what a great deed you have done. Perhaps this will give her the boost to post her new videos 🙂 She is an amazing little chef. I hope you all have a wonderful night and a beautiful tomorrow 🙂

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About Theresa Mortimer

I am currently working on the fourth and fifth novels in the To Hide from Death series. I will be speaking at several high schools and colleges on the prevention of domestic violence. Forewarned is forearmed! Member of the Eastern Shore Writer's Assn. Proceeds from the sales of my books go toward building shelters for domestic violence victims. I also co-founded the Dreams Come True Horse and Animal Rescue and all of horse books fund this farm.

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