A FEW DIRTY PICTURES or How I Became A Luddite


Aw, come on, you didn’t think I would show you rude pictures, did you?

However, some of the pictures you will find on this page are dirty. But only in the sense that they were produced by me with a digital camera: a Nikon D200.

Being a curmudgeonly old fart, I swore I would never forsake the magic of film for the easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy world of the pixel. And I betrayed my first love.

All those hours spent in a darkroom, hands wet with developer, caressing the hell out of a piece of Ilford or Kodak bromide glossy paper, followed by the moment of ecstasy as an image slowly and mysteriously revealed itself in the orange light… all betrayed.

It was surprisingly casual. A trip to the Camera Show in at the National Exhibition Centre in 2007,  found me ogling a Nikon – beautiful, black, rubbery, lots of moggiepoxels and easy…

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