Time is Currency

Alicia K. Anderson

In Lakoff’s Metaphors We Live By, you can read a lot more about “Time is Money” as an idiomatic metaphor that we all agree with. (You spend time, you budget time, you waste time…)  We’ve heard it so pervasively, most of us don’t think about it.

Let me give you another spin on it: We made time an actual currency in our house.

We bought a few boxes of poker chips. The kind with blue, red and black clay chips that clink satisfyingly when you run a stack between your fingers.  Based on the number of each color available, (there were 25 blue, 15 red and 10 black chips in each box) we assigned time-units to them. The blue are worth one minute, red are worth two, and black chips are worth five minutes each.

We can bet them (“I bet you three minutes you’re wrong!”). We can earn…

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