I know I usually discuss all things domestic violence, but today’s post is all about friendships. Not your regular human friendships, but friendships of another kind. Today is about an animal friendship.

My horse, Classy Lady and my pony, Honey, were the best of friends across a fence line. Honey would never allow her friend and stablemate to cross over her side of the fence. It’s funny because she couldn’t leave Classy lady out of her sight. Should we take Lady out to go for a ride without Honey, she would run the fence line calling to her friend and Lady would return the call.

Lady would be so excited on the return home, calling loudly to Honey to let her know she was back and Honey would come running to the fence to greet her. Lady and Honey were inseparable as pasture buddies in separate pastures LoL. They would talk to each other over the wall between their stalls. But Honey would never allow Classy Lady to walk inside her pasture. To put Lady in her stall we had to first put Honey in hers. It was a crazy friendship.

The day Classy Lady passed away was a heartbreaking one. She had been poisoned with antifreeze in her stall and there was nothing the vet could do. We had no choice but to either put her down peacefully, or have her suffer in pain from a slow poisoning. We chose to put her down.

As the vet worked on Lady, Honey would call to her and kept a constant vigil on her friend. And when the time had come to let her go, we led her from her stall and allowed her to stop at Honey’s so they could rub their heads together and say goodbye. It was the hardest thing to watch and the hardest thing to do. (Excuse me as I wipe my eyes)

Lady hugged each and every one of us as if she knew what was going to happen. She stood there as though this were something she was used to, but of course, it wasn’t. As she stood next to us, we explained to her through tears what was going to happen. We asked the vet to tell her what she would feel and she obliged. Teresa (our vet) had tears in her eyes too. This was a beautiful paint mare 26 years young and every child’s dream horse. She patted her and Lady rubbed her head on Teresa as though she were acknowledging what she said.

We each patted her, hugged her and she hugged us with her big powerful neck, wrapping it around each of us one by one as we and she said goodbye. As Teresa readied the shot, Lady walked up to my sister and placed her head on her chest and a tear ran from her eye. She was given her first shot and lie down on the ground then received the second and she was gone. The moment she was gone Honey let out a terrible cry. She called and stomped and couldn’t understand where her friend was.

Honey took the loss of her friend hard. She refused to eat and would just cry and look across the field in search of her friend. A friend could not keep their goat, so we went to their farm and picked her up. At first Honey was not accepting this thing that was taking over the stall of lost friend. But Nana wouldn’t stop trying to befriend Honey and withing three days they were friends. Honey was still mourning her friend, but she beginning to accept her new stablemate. Honey felt that loss so deeply, she actually let Nana in her pasture.

When Honey would be saddled up to ride, she would call her friend, Nana, and have her come along. It was a sight to see, the pony and her goat. Honey would ride Lizzy to church on Sundays and Nana would walk along behind LoL. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the passersby? Two adults, a pony with a child on her back and a goat bringing up the rear? Then they stop at church? Honey would oblige all the kids with a ride in the church yard until Nana called and said it was time to go LoL and when Nana called, there were no more rides. She would wait for her little girl and then she was off with her goat.

Honey and Nana are still best friends. They have been friends for the last two years and you couldn’t find a better ones. When Nana had her triplets, Honey was the first to call to her and tell the news to everyone. Honey has become a Godmother to the kids LoL, she allows them to eat with her (which is not like Honey) but she shares with them. She allows the kids in her stall and she calls for them to follow when she is going for a ride.

No one would think that a pony could have such a close friendship, not only to a horse, but to a goat and her kids as well.

Here’s to the most beautiful of friendships! may we always know the best kinds 🙂

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About Theresa Mortimer

I am currently working on the fourth and fifth novels in the To Hide from Death series. I will be speaking at several high schools and colleges on the prevention of domestic violence. Forewarned is forearmed! Member of the Eastern Shore Writer's Assn. Proceeds from the sales of my books go toward building shelters for domestic violence victims. I also co-founded the Dreams Come True Horse and Animal Rescue and all of horse books fund this farm.

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