My favorite exercises for the booty


For some weird reason, I find my glutes the strongest muscle for me so I tend to work them a lot haha! Here is my favorite ones which makes me feel a burn every time without fail:

Walking lunges: Even though I look ridiculous doing them, I don’t care just forget there are other people in the gym probably thinking ‘wot is she doin’ because you’re the winner here! I normally just walk from one certain area of the gym to the other (try not to get in anyone’s way and find some room to do it properly). But I seem to manage 3 sets of 20 with a barbell on my shoulders. ( Use whatever weight you can manage!)

Donkey Kicks: Go on your hands and knees and with on leg extend with a 90 degree angle and bring down again-repeat until you feel you need to stop, then…

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