Knock it off, Ferguson

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What the heck? What happened to due process? What happened to civility? What happened to common sense? Why the heck hasn’t Al Sharpton been run out of town?

You don’t need him. He’s a troublemaker. He doesn’t belong in Ferguson with most of the other out-of-town looters who are taking advantage of a situation gone wrong.

C’mon good people of Ferguson. This isn’t you—you’re better than that. A few rotten apples are souring the entire barrel. Don’t let it happen any longer. Stand up to the bullies who are flaming the pot. Throw them out. Get ‘em all out of your once peaceful city.

If I were there, I’d start with a guy named, Al Sharpton. How the heck is he helping anyway? He isn’t. Give him the boot—but make sure you get it back—your boot, I mean.

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