“Wordpress, We Have Lost A Friend From Our Blog Community, I Have Lost A Beautiful Friend.” A Re-share & Special Tribute To A Mother, Wife, Blogger, Author, and Advocate~Rhonda Sellers Elkins”

"Cat Lyon's Reading & Writing Den"

I have been in shock, mourning, and very heart-broken since yesterday morning. I learned through my Author Facebook page that we have lost an “ANGEL” …

A wonderful friend, author, writer, WordPress blogger, and advocate about mental illness has passed away. I really could not believe what I was reading when I saw the Facebook post by the daughter of a woman who has been such an inspiration to me in my own battle with severe depression, and mental disorders. We had just spoke last in April as I wanted to do a nice book and author spotlight for her on my Book/Media blog. I wanted to help her with promoting her new book that had come out in March 2014.

She had such a big heart, and a beautiful soul, and always was encouraging to keep pushing forward in life, as she was still processing the loss of her…

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