We Never Know What We Can Achieve Until We Try

Author -Carole Parkes


We often tell others we’d be hopeless at drawing, painting, writing or baking when in fact we’ve never even tried. Those of you who have followed my posts and seen all my early work will know my art-work is far from perfect. Yet I do keep trying and that my friends, is the key to everything. We may never become experts at whatever it is we’re attempting, but practice will give us the confidence to keep going with it. In time we will get better, maybe not to professional standards, but our creations will improve. It doesn’t matter if we go wrong a few times along the way, the enjoyment comes from the challenge. Our work doesn’t need to be perfect, we just need to enjoy it.

I‘m challenging you all now to try something new and post your efforts under the title ‘New Challenges’. let’s really show the…

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