Anne Devina Reeve- MARSocial Author Business Enhancement’s Quality Control Officer

Anne Reeve


In Anne’s group we have the opportunity to discuss our books and Anne’s view of our writing. Author Coleman Weeks relishes the opportunity to work with such a vastly experienced professional and welcome her to this group enterprise. Quality is vital to what authors do, and Anne is a consummate professional.

ANNE REEVE was born in Barry South Wales in 1935 and grew up in Malpas, Newport. After working in various jobs, she met her future husband John, when they both worked together at 603 Regiment RA/TA . From there they moved to Margate and Islington taking on tenancies as Hoteliers > at the Walmer Castle and later at The White Lion in Islington.

She now lives in Cwmbran Gwent> has four children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren .

Anne gained a degree in (Dramatic Art- Production>Acting>Direction> script-writing) Social Science and Education she became a teacher of English Literature/Drama until she retired. She devotes her time to writing novels.

Anne is Chairman of Cwmbran Writer’s where members all work together in a friendly atmosphere> holding workshops, writing poems, stories and plays> anything that acts as a springboard to develop writing is used. Between them the Group have produced several magazines and books on Local History”


15 thoughts on “Anne Devina Reeve- MARSocial Author Business Enhancement’s Quality Control Officer

  1. What’s happening here people ? Post something here about your main character in your book > one that moves your storyline forward > maybe you can relate to that person in some way ?

  2. Has anyone else read Anne’s book? Wow, I love it. Almost done and I can’t wait to see what she writes next. Love you Anne!! Come and check out my blogs.

  3. So cold here in Wales UK – looks like snow mm time for a hot cup of chocolate or coffee – it’s difficult making these decisions – can you look at Cwmbran Writers Community have posted stuff on there could you tick a like for us please – Anne – always thinking of you friends X

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