LaRae Parry- Group Comedian, instigator of comedy.

LaRae's pic
MARSocial resident Queen of comedy is LaRae Parry, and she is the group representative in charge of creative humorous content. We are fortunate to be able to share LaRae with our readers. She is an artist, freelance journalist, and creative designer.

Let the sharing begin: A few words with LaRae.

I was born one brick shy of a load, or with too many loose screws, or something. My mom told me so. She always told me, “Get your brain out of the clouds.” I like my mind being in the clouds–it gets me into a lot of trouble, though. I like trouble. No kidding.

In the 1990’s I was a very famous artist, with 12 best-selling art/instruction books. Then, something awful happened . . . something really awful. I had surgery that went terribly wrong.
Good news and bad news came from the botched surgery. The good news is that the doctors confirmed I did, indeed, have a brain. The bad news was that it crashed and needed to be rebooted. I don’t like boots. I’m short. I can’t find any that fit me, I really can’t . . . it makes me mad. No kidding.

Anyway, I lost my ability to paint and draw. I don’t really care about that. I never liked being a famous artist anyway. I don’t even like to draw . . . too stressful . . . so now I’m a very famous author that no one knows about. I like that. I’d much rather write than paint anyway. When I write, anything is possible, just like I’d always believed.
I write romantic comedies, romantic paranormal comedies, and comedic memoirs. I try to be serious. I’d like to be like John Grisham . . . instead, I am like Erma Bombeck . . . only, she had all her marbles.

There’s one thing I can promise . . . when you read my books, you will smile–maybe because you’ll be glad you’re not me, or maybe because every once in a while, I’ll write something funny . . . but you will smile . . . no matter the reason why.

For more of LaRae and her current book shelf of 7 novels go to


6 thoughts on “LaRae Parry- Group Comedian, instigator of comedy.

    • Hey . . . I just found this. D’oh . . . very nice . . . well, Coleman is very nice. I’m, well . . . I’m still a few bricks shy of a load. Thanks for tweeting, Karynne. smooch

  1. HI Friends . . .

    I’m ‘wack to bork’ . . . getting lost . . . posting in the air . . . making ‘fatal errors’ . . .

    Everything’s back to abnormal . . . just how I like it.

    Advice: When things go wrong . . . just hang on,
    There is always be someone to help you,
    Just hang on with all your strength, with all you’ve got
    Things will get better, I promise–I emphatically do.

    Just keep swimming . . .

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