Kevin Hotter

"Beachside Fun" “Beachside Fun”

A few days ago, we took our 18-month old daughter to a tucked away little beach in Malibu. That’s where I took the above photo. The beach was empty except for us, and the herd of surfers who were riding waves of paradise.

I watched my tender, innocent daughter wander through the landscape. Enjoying and observing every little thing she saw.

The sand. The driftwood. The seaweed. The rocks.

They were all simply amazing to her. And to watch her enjoy life with such an angelic, naivety was just as amazing.

I smiled.  (Then, ducked down from a swooping seagull.) And then I smiled some more.

Adulthood brings with it such responsibilities, anxieties and concerns. Your heart begins to fill with worry and disappointment. You block people from entering your heart…because…you have been burned too many times in the past.

Then something magical happens. A little girl arrives here on planet…

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